Welcome to the ORIGINAL Margarita Bills!

Celebrating 11 years in business

Serving Albuquerque since 2006!

Where you can add YOUR alcohol to our Bar Mix Flavors!


Reserve your machine NOW! July is nearly full!


 TWO SEPARATE MIXING TANKS gives you 6 FULL GALLONS of exotic frozen or chilled drinks.

TWO different FLAVORS with only one machine!

Both allow alcohol or non alcohol frozen

drink mixes!

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How can you SAVE MONEY with Margarita Bills?

We provide a $10 discount to you if:

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  • You rent a second machine for the same event OR..
  • You are active or retired military OR..
  • You rent from us twice on the same calendar year OR..
  • You tell us the secret phrase mentioned on one of the pages on the web site.

Browse our website and find out what the Margarita Bills  Frozen Drink Experience is all about!

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