The Machines

How do I work the machine?

Where do I go to get a Frozen Fiesta Drink Machine?

Can I move the machine if I want to?

Do I have to shell out money if the machine breaks while I am using it?

What do I do when I am done using the machine?

The Mixes

What is actually in your drink mixes?

Do I have to mess around with ice to make the frozen drinks?

Can I do anything to get the machine to freeze faster?

Do I have to wait until all of the frozen mix is gone before I add more of the same mix?

How long does it take to freeze a drink mix?

What different flavors can I get?

How many servings do I get from one of those Frozen Fiesta Mix Machines?

How much extra are the Margarita Bills Mixes that go with the machine rental?

I want to use my own drink mix... can I do that?

The Delivery

Can you deliver a machine to the top of my penthouse apartment?

What is your delivery area?

What arrangements should I make for the delivery and pickup of my machine?

Other Questions

What do I get with my Margarita Bills Rental?

How and when do I pay for my rental?

I am not a nuclear scientist from Los Alamos - what if I have trouble with the Frozen Fiesta Mix Machine?

What do I need to prepare for my Margarita Bills Rental?

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