What You Get

Your Margarita Machine is Italian built and designed with TWO  separate mixing tanks!

You can have two different mix flavors with only one machine!

Each dual tank Mix Machine will provide 75 – 10 oz. Drink Servings… that is 6 GALLONS of frozen drinks!

Each tank can be set to either slush up the drink for a frozen beverage or chill the mix for cool liquid drink!

Party Pack with each rental!

The Party Pack includes 2 FREE mixes, easy to follow instructions, 100 – 10 oz. cups and 100 bendable neon straws. We deliver the machine  on a  stainless steel wire cart.

All you have to do is combine your alcohol, water and our flavored mix. Pour it into the tank and plug in the machine!

Rental Rate

$160 for one machine per 24 hr period

$150 for 2nd machine for same event

Extra Mixes (beyond the two included with each machine) are $20 per flavor.

Our helpful information, great attitude, delivery, set-up and next or same day pick-up is free!

How Much Mix Do I Need?

Use the chart below as a guide to determine how many machines and mix
flavors you will need:

Servings    Number of Machines    Included Mixes    Extra Mixes    Total Mixes
up to 75          1 machine                2             0             2
up to 100          1 machine                2             1             3
up to 200          2 machines                4             2             6
up to 300          2 machines                4             5             9
up to 400          2 machines                4             7             11
up to 500          2 machines                4             9             13
up to 600          3 machines                6             11             17

We have provided machines for as many as 600 guests at one time!

Need an extra mix but afraid you may not use it?…We can leave extra mixes with you just in case..if you use them we add $20 for each mix used. If you don’t use them and the bottle is not damaged and the cap seal is intact, there is no charge!

We can work with you to ensure that you get the number of machines and mixes that you need without spending too much!

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