Below you will find the following for each drink mix:

  • Typical bar drink flavor descriptions.
  • Simple Recipes that you will use with two YOUR free mixes included with your rental. (you add your alcohol)
  • Mix Enhancements that you can add (as an option) to customize your mix for a special personalized flavor!

Your Margarita Machine will have two free mixes included.  We ship our mixes in from out of state to bring you the best balance of a valued price and a quality good tasting drink mix. You will find out how easy it is to mix the basic ingredients of water, the flavor mix and your alcohol into your machine!


(tequila, lime juice and an orange liqueur, usually triple sec)

Your Recipe Mix: 1/2 gallon concentrate, 2.5 gallons water, 1.75 liters tequila

Mix enhancements:

If you are really into the lime scene after making your mix in the mixing jug, pour in one quart of lime juice (not from concentrate) for a tartier than normal margarita! One of the best brands of lime juice is the “Simply Lime” brand found at most all local grocery stores. It is not made from concentrate, has a great tart taste and contains a bit of pulp for a nice tactile tongue feel.

Strawberry Margarita

(a margarita with strawberry flavoring added)

Your Recipe Mix: 1/2 gallon strawberry margarita mix, 2.5 gallons water, 1.75 liters tequila

Mix enhancements:

Similar to the strawberry daiquiri, your strawberry margarita flavor mix that comes standard with your rental already has real strawberry puree. But if you like even more real strawberry flavor, try this: After making your Strawberry Margarita mix pour one cup of the mix into a blender filled with 2 cups of frozen strawberries and 1/8 cup of sugar. Blend to a puree. Pour this back into your machine mix. Do this twice.

Strawberry Daiquiri

(rum, strawberry syrup, lemon juice)

Your Recipe Mix: 1/2 gallon strawberry daiquiri mix, 1.0 liter rum, 2.5 gallons of water

Mix enhancements:

We recently changed our strawberry mix. It now has actual pureed strawberries! It taste better than any other strawberry mix we have found to date. We suggest you first make the basic mix and give it a taste test. If you feel you need an even richer strawberry flavor, pour one cup of the strawberry mix you just made into a blender with two cup of frozen strawberries and 1/8 cup of sugar. This will create a rich strawberry syrup to boost the strawberry flavor of an already great tasting strawberry mix. This also works well without alcohol as a kids slushy mix.

Pina Colada

(rum, pineapple, creme de coconut)

Your Recipe Mix: 1/2 gallon pina colada mix, 1 liter rum, 2.5 gallons water

Mix enhancements:

Frozen Pineapple is the translation for this famous bar drink. While the pineapple flavor provides the base for this drink, the coconut stands out with it’s sweetness. Our Pina Colada mixes taste great. However, we have found that everyone’s taste is a bit different when it comes to this flavor. So, because we are such nice guys,we supply you with a can of real coconut creme when you choose our Pina Colada Mix! This lets you add to taste for a balanced coconut flavor. And, to up the ante on the flavor, two cups of pureed pineapples wouldn’t hurt either! If you want mixes with a more homemade flavor, go here!

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